About Regestra

Regestra is a multipurpose platform which utilizes new technologies to connect emerging artists with interested collectors while providing them with the tools they need to seamlessly transfer ownership, combat counterfeit art, and promote heightened transparency in the global art market.

A free democratized social media platform creates a secure way for artists (producers) and collectors (consumers) to communicate with each other. Premium incentives such as certificates of authenticity and an affordable molecular scanner provide extra means of security.

Transfer of title and certificates of authenticity are accomplished using blockchain technologies to provide ironclad authenticity for artworks trust and guarantee online transactions of contemporary art are bonafide. The molecular scanner has the potential to change the secondary market (resale of art) to provide a much higher threshold of assurance than is provided by traditional conservation and connoisseurship used today.

Regestra will not only expand the current art market but generate new capacity through social media interface and quality assurance to initiate potential collectors in a secure investing environment.


Our Features

How it works

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  • 01. Artwork creation

    Artist creates a piece of art.

  • 02. Log in

    Artist logs into Regestra dashboard or Regestra mobile application.

  • 03. Artwork unique ID generation

    Artists generates a unique ID for new piece of art.

  • 04. Certificate of authenticity generation

    Artist generates certificate of authenticity with descriptive details regarding the artwork such as Artist name, Title of the work, Year of completion, Dimensions, Medium, Edition number, if applicable, Special instructions, Artwork Image and Statement of Authenticity.

  • 05. Artwork register

    Artist utilizes Regestra’s pocket molecular sensor to scan the molecular composition of the artwork into the Regestra database.


Development of Regestra Platform
(Road Map)

  • 2018

    Baseline Setup

    121 days

    UX Development

    75 days

  • 2019

    UI Development

    150 Days

    API Service Layer

    45 days

    API Gateway Integrations

    25 days

    Blockchain Contract Development

    45 days

    Molecular Scanner Integration

    25 days

    Business Services

    30 days

  • 2020

    API Layers Integration

    115 days

    Business Orchestration Layer Integration

    35 days

    Test Automation

    145 days


Core Team

Ford Harmon

Co-Founder - Business Strategy

A business-law attorney, who focuses on assisting artists and blockchain-related companies. He also runs a blockchain consulting firm and regularly speaks and writes about blockchain technology.

Clifton Mattheus

Co-Founder - Business Development

Holds a M.S. degree in Leadership and Management with 5+ years in Healthcare ITS. Eagerly followed the rise of crypto since 2013 while currently working towards a B.S. in Software Engineering.

Rao Kanakala

Co-Founder - Full Stack Developer

Seasoned technology leader with startup experience. Knowledgeable executing strategies that employ solution development, acquisition, and integration to deliver business results. Proficiency with blockchain, Machine Learning and Cloud Application development.

Eric Golden

Co-Founder - Business Development

M.A degree from the University of Oklahoma. Eric is an experienced professional and effectual leader with a proven ability to exceed expectations. Has a passion for art and related technologies.

Rick Sorrells

Co-Founder - Visual Artist

Self-taught Austin native and freelance artist Rick A. Sorrells spent the last 20 years honing in on perfecting his passion while his efforts currently thrive in solo exhibitions.

Dimitris Chatzilias

Co-Founder - UI/UX Design

Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Mechanical Engineering. He has worked in Construction, Finance, and IT, and eventually balanced his technical and artistic side through UI/UX Design.

Christopher Rahmeh

Co-Founder - Content

Museum and art afficianado with expertise in exhibition design, collections management, and current art market trends. He is pursuing his master's degree in museum studies and digital curration.

Evriss Pierre

Co-Founder - Business Development

Strategic thinker with 7 years of banking experience. Sculptor and self-taught in many disciplines. Interested by new technologies of all kind. Current Director of a Bank Mobile Wallet Program Department


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